United States Physics Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad Prep Class Enrollment.

  • Classes are on going that will cover topics in electromagnetism, thermodynamics, special relativity, fluids, wave, sound, and optics. Discussions will make frequent use of calculus. Primary focus is to gain fundamental understanding of the laws of physics and master common techniques used in USPHO and IPHO competitions. Classes are taught by Dr. Liu.
  • Students are not required to have learnt the topics in physics but are required to have learnt AP Calculus BC or equivalent and Mechanics. This class can be used as a supplement or subsitute for students who are preparing for AP Physics 2 and AP Physics C electromagnetism.
Complete your registration below after you pay for the enrollment fee (email or text me for payment details). Payment can be made to zelle payment@njsci.org or Venmo Fei-Liu-NJ.
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Dr. Liu is a very intelligent and resourceful physics teacher who is exceptionally dedicated to helping his students learn. He makes sure his students have an accurate understanding of the subject, and shows his students how to think about physics concepts in a clear and concise manner. His experience in teaching and his broad knowledge guide his students in thinking deeply about the topic. After attending his classes and conducting research with him, I had a stronger appreciation and understanding of how physics is behind nearly every aspect of the real world.

Eddie C. (IPhO Gold)

Dr. Liu is an excellent teacher who does a great job of imparting knowledge to his students. His lectures are easy to follow and feature creative, original problems which require critical thinking. He focuses on building intuition for every topic he teaches, and makes sure to mention the crucial subtleties that are often ignored in school. Whenever one of my classmates or I become confused, Dr. Liu is willing to slow down the class to ensure that we gain a full understanding of the concepts before moving on. Dr. Liu has helped me a great deal, and I recommend him as a tutor to anyone who is either struggling in school with their physics class, or wishes to gain a thorough understanding of the subject for any other reason.

Daniel (USPhO Gold)