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Dr. Liu enjoys sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of science with his students. He specializes in high school Physics and Chemistry Olympiad competitions. Dr. Liu has over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience of Math, Chemistry, and Physics at various difficulty levels up to Olympiad competitions. Dr. Liu himself was a Physics Olympiad candidate and participated in state level Math, Chemistry and Physics competitions. For more information, please contact Dr. Liu.

Unresolved Science and technology questions

  • Unify theory of general relativity with quantum mechanics
  • Graviton the gluon for gravitational interaction yet to be discovered
  • Sustainable nuclear fusion power plant
  • Can we overcome aging and restore youth?
  • Is our universe 4 dimensional or it may have higher number of dimensions to allow time travel?
  • Unsolved problems in Physics

Research Opptunities

  • Fluid Dynamics Simulation of real world applications

Courses and Competitions

Recurring Events

  • USPhO Physics f=ma screening test late January annually
  • USAOO AstroPhysics and Astronomy screening test late January annually
  • Physics/Chemistry NJ Science League Competitions January-April annually
  • AMC 10/12 Early Febuary
  • AIME Early March
  • USChO Chemistry local exam late March annually
  • USPhO Physics Semi Final exam late March annually
  • USJMO Early April
  • AAPT High School Physics Bowl late April annually
  • USChO Chemistry National late April annually
  • SAT subject tests June, October annually
  • NJ Science Olympiad September - Dec Regitration, Regional, National final early March next year
  • Intel STS paper submission early November
  • Princeton University Physics Competition (PUPC) November
  • FMA Winter Camp

2018 Achievements

Guass Team ranked World #3 in US High Physics Bowl Competition, top 5 team members of the Gauss Team is recognized for this achievement.
NameF=maSemi-finalPhysics BowlPUPC
Alan D.QualifiedBronze
Alan H.QualifiedHonorable Mention
Albert W.Qualified
Andrew C.(NY)QualifiedBronze
Bansal M.QualifiedBronze
Daniel C.QualifiedGold
Eddie C.QualifiedSilverBronze
Haveesh V.QualifiedBronze
Henry Z.Qualified
Ian W.Team World #3
Issac R.Qualified
Jefferey W.Team World #3
Kevin L. (Canada)Qualified
Lucas C.Qualified
Machael H.QualifiedHonorable Mention
Sameer P.QualifiedBronze
Sravan P.Team World #3
Sunay J.QualifiedHonorable Mention
Victor Z.QualifiedBronzeTeam World #3, Individual World #2
Wayne Z.QualifiedHonorable MentionSilver
William W.QualifiedHonorable Mention
NameUSChO LocalUSChO National
Anna J.Qualified
Chelsea C.(NY)Qualified
Kimberley C.QualifiedHonors

2019 Achievements

Guass Team ranked World #1 in US (#2 in World) High Physics Bowl Competition in the 1st Division, top 5 team members of the Gauss Team is recognized for this achievement.
NameF=maSemi-finalPhysics BowlPUPC
Adith L.Team World #2
Alan H.QualifiedBronzeTeam World #2Silver
Alvin P.Team World #2
Andrew C.(NY)QualifiedBronze
Daniel C.QualifiedSilverGold
Daniel Z.QualifiedHonorable Mention
David L.QualifiedHonorable Mention
Deyuan L.QualifiedHonorable MentionGold
Eddie C.QualifiedGold/CampGold
Haveesh V.QualifiedSilver
Ian W.QualifiedSilverTeam World #2
James P.Team World #2
Jefferey W.Qualified
Kevin W.Qualified
Lawrence C.Qualified
Machael H.QualifiedHonorable Mention
Patrick F.QualifiedHonorable Mention
Sunay J.QualifiedSilverGold
Wayne Z.QualifiedHonorable MentionSilver
William W.QualifiedHonorable Mention
NameUSChO LocalUSChO National
Annie R.Qualified
David L.QualifiedHonors
Kimberley C.Qualified

2020 Achievements

Due to the special circumstances surrounding COVID-19. USPHO and USCHO semifinal exams are carried out online.
NameF=maSemi-finalPhysics BowlNJPC
Akhil P.QualifiedSilver
Bryan Z.Qualified
Daniel X.Qualified
Darren J.QualifiedBronze
Deyuan L.Qualified
Dylan R.Qualified
Eddie C.QualifiedGold
Geoffrey Z.Qualified
Ian W.QualifiedHM
James P.Qualified
Jansen W.Qualified
Lucas C.Qualified
Zheng W.Qualified
Marvin Y.Qualified
Matthew Z.Qualified
Nicholas W.Qualified
Parth S.Qualified
Patrick F.Qualified
Peter Z.Qualified
Sameer P.Qualified
Sunay J.Qualified
William W.Qualified
NameUSChO LocalUSChO National
Annie R.Qualified
Caroline Z.Qualified
Kimberley C.Qualified
Shirley Y.Qualified

Fun question for the students

How did ancient greeks measure the radius of the Earth?


Student testimonial

Dr. Liu is an excellent teacher who does a great job of imparting knowledge to his students. His lectures are easy to follow and feature creative, original problems which require critical thinking. He focuses on building intuition for every topic he teaches, and makes sure to mention the crucial subtleties that are often ignored in school. Whenever one of my classmates or I become confused, Dr. Liu is willing to slow down the class to ensure that we gain a full understanding of the concepts before moving on. Dr. Liu has helped me a great deal, and I recommend him as a tutor to anyone who is either struggling in school with their physics class, or wishes to gain a thorough understanding of the subject for any other reason.


Dr. Liu's physics class is the most comprehensive and worthwhile science class I have taken, both in and out of the classroom. His noval approach towards the subject material allows students to think about concepts in a much more straightforward way, and allows us to tackle challenging problems quickly and easily. Dr. Liu is fully committed to his students, regularly staying after class to answer questions or discuss any problems students may have come across. You would be hard-pressed to find a more intelligent or dedicated instructor anywhere else.


Dr. Liu is very passionate teacher who makes Physics fun and easy to learn. His teaching uses a holistic approach that goes beyond just solving problems; he always emphasizes the importance of understanding the basic concepts and explains the connection between them. With his deep knowledge in Physics, Dr. Liu just knows how to get to a student's problems and fix them! Dr. Liu is not just sharp with the subject matter, he is also very patient and nice! Physics used to be a challenging subject for my daughter, but she now finds Physics interesting! Her grades improve dramatically since taking lessons with Dr. Liu and she gains a lot of confidence with the subjective matter!


Dr. Liu was a fantastic teacher that really helped me a lot in AP Physics. I came to him really struggling but he was able to explain all the concepts clearly and quickly. My grades improved a lot after having his help; I think that he is great at pinpointing weaknesses and this definitely will help in the long run.


Dr. Liu is a passionate and capable teacher that completely understands the material he teaches. He never fails to answer in-class questions and always makes sure that his students are following along. I first came into his F=ma class with little prior knowledge of physics but through his help was able to qualify for PhO that same year. I have subsequently attended his course on PhO topics and learned physics at a more advanced level. With these preparations, I am confident that I am prepared to take college level physics classes at Princeton University during my senior year of high school.


Dr. Liu is hands down the best STEM teacher I have ever had. I honestly could not ask for more from a teacher. He was engaged in class, and paid a lot of attention to each student. His commitment and dedication to teaching is unparalleled. His lessons were incredibly well-prepared. He teaches in a way that makes it easy for the student to understand and retain the information. Dr. Liu is incredibly knowledgeable, and I was glad to be his student. My only regret is that I was not able to spend more time learning from him.


一位妈妈的反馈: 我孩子除了来上课没有课下做作业,作为家长觉得有些内疚,因为他在其他事情上花了很多时间,我也没有督促物理作业。 他自己说只能学校考试成绩高,竞赛不好。虽然竞赛没有好成绩,在学校考试却得了满分,高中物理老师说是29年来唯一一个,那位老师一直记录各届学生成绩,in a “nerd list”. 连文科老师们都知道了这个100分。 我们还说大学应该专业学物理呢。跟刘老师您上课不只是竞赛,而是培养了兴趣,有长远的意义。我高中时对物理“深恶痛绝”,跟这里其他理科生家长不同,对孩子在物理兴趣上没有好的影响,孩子一点点的进步都让我非常开心,从这个角度非常感激您!


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