New Jersey Science Academy

Unsolved Science and Technology problems

  • Unify theory of general relativity with quantum mechanics
  • Graviton the gluon for gravitational interaction yet to be discovered
  • Sustainable nuclear fusion power plant
  • Can we overcome aging and restore youth?
  • Is our universe 4 dimensional or it may have higher number of dimensions to allow time travel?
  • Unsolved problems in Physics

Recurring Events

  • USPhO Physics F=MA test late January annually
  • USAAAO AstroPhysics and Astronomy test late January annually
  • Physics/Chemistry NJ Science League Competitions January-April annually
  • AIME Early Febuary
  • USNCO Chemistry local exam late March annually
  • USPhO Physics Semi Final exam late March annually
  • International Rudolf Ortvay Problem Solving Contest in Physics mid to late March
  • USJMO Early April
  • AAPT High School Physics Bowl late April annually
  • USNCO Chemistry National late April annually
  • IAAC International Astro Competition
  • Sir Issac Newton Competition May
  • SAT subject tests June, October annually (no longer available)
  • NJ Science Olympiad September - Dec Regitration, Regional, National final early March next year
  • Intel STS paper submission early November
  • USAAAO Astronomy and Astrophysics Winter Camp late November
  • Terra North Jersey STEM Fair November
  • FMA Winter Camp late December
  • AMC 10/12 December

Fun question for the students

How did our ancestors measure the distance between the Earth and the Sun?


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