Students write research papers based on state of the art numerical calculation of fluid dynamics simulations. Students learn how to work with Navier-Stokes equations, partial differential equations, linear algebra, finite difference and finite volume methods, numerical analysis techniques, matlab and Fortran programming, scientific and parallel programming with MPI, graphing and analyzing data, writing scientific paper using latex. Students gain understanding and confidence in applying math, physics and computer science principles they learned through real world applications.

Selected Highlights:



Dr. Liu is very passionate teacher who makes Physics fun and easy to learn. His teaching uses a holistic approach that goes beyond just solving problems; he always emphasizes the importance of understanding the basic concepts and explains the connection between them. With his deep knowledge in Physics, Dr. Liu just knows how to get to a student's problems and fix them! Dr. Liu is not just sharp with the subject matter, he is also very patient and nice! Physics used to be a challenging subject for my daughter, but she now finds Physics interesting! Her grades improve dramatically since taking lessons with Dr. Liu and she gains a lot of confidence with the subjective matter!