Students write research papers based on state of the art numerical calculation of fluid dynamics simulations. Students learn how to work with Navier-Stokes equations, partial differential equations, linear algebra, finite difference and finite volume methods using existing CFD softwares, numerical analysis techniques, matlab and Fortran programming, scientific and parallel programming with MPI, graphing and analyzing data, writing scientific paper using latex. Students gain understanding and confidence in applying math, physics and computer science principles they learned through real world applications.

Selected Highlights:



Dr. Fei Liu is an inspiring physics teacher who has influenced me like no other: in my search to understand the world through physics, he has been the passionate magnet and the patient guiding light that explains everything to me with clarity, concision, and purpose. Without a doubt, his teaching has transformed me from a shallow curious individual into a rigorous sophisticated one who actively seeks to understand the fundamental workings of physics (and to always check units!) He also made my physics learning experience both challenging and enjoyable by teaching me relatable real-life examples, ingenious technical solutions, and meticulous computational physics research skills. I am lucky to have met such a great teacher in my high-school career and have decided to major in physics in college.