Car and Truck

Cars and trucks provide interesting and unique oppotunity to understand many principles of science, such as rotational dynamics for the transmission system, principles of fluid dynamics for the brake system, pascal's principle with a car jack, magnetic induction with starter, electrochemistry with the battery, circuitry in the car electric system, thermaldynamics and efficiecy for the engine, torque and right hand rule every time a wrench is used, so on and so forth. The design and operation of a car or a truck touches upon most principles discussed in textbooks on mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and chemistry. Hands on experience not only helps us to understand the applications of these principles but also allows us to develop skills and knowledge of working on cars and trucks, and on your bikes too.
If you want to learn how to perform simple maintainace on your cars and trucks such as engine oil change, engine oil filter change, transmission oil change, battery change, coil pack and spark plug change, air filter change, brake fluid bleeding etc. Email me to schedule a time. These are useful practical skills and in the process can help you gain a better understanding how cars work.