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Dr. Liu is a United States Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) steering committee member. He also serves as a mentor and procotor of US Chemistry Olympiad program in the northern chapter of New Jersey.

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Dr. Liu teaches chemistry with a passion. He has a profound mastery of the subject, and a knack for effectively demystifying the difficulties of chemistry. He pinpoints and corrects the misunderstandings of students, allowing them to reach their potentials. My personal understanding of chemistry grew tremendously as I learned from him, and I grew to solve problems that I had never thought possible. He provides clear and concise explanations of key concepts, and ensures that his students understand the subtle nuances of the topic at hand. In addition to this, his illustrative and original problems deepen students’ understanding. But most importantly, he makes it fun. With Dr. Liu, students will watch their knowledge of chemistry grow, and have a blast.

David (National Gold)