United States College Board AP Exam Summer Prep Class Enrollment.

  • All summer AP prep classes are 10 1.5-hour lectures for students who are preparing to take AP class at school in fall. Students need not have learnt the subject before taking the prep class. Classes are taught by Dr. Liu.
  • The lectures will go over all the important topics, clearly explaining each topic with examples and practice problems to help students gain understanding. The lectures will not attempt to cover all topics in a subject that usually takes a school year. The goal is to help students learn the subject at school easily, perform well on the exams at school.
  • Students will receive 1) a comprehensive formula sheet prepared by Dr. Liu for the individual subject; 2) an organized lecture notes on most important topics in each subject exam; 3) a comprehsive set of problems to work on to prepare for the subject; 4) video recordings of the session for later review.
  • The class time will be scheduled based on availability of enrolled students once a class reaches a minimum enrollment size of 3 and no more than 6. Your tuition will be fully refunded if a class does not have enough enrollment to be scheduled. The class will be scheduled no later than late June.
  • Regular Registration enrollment fee is $600.00. Early Registration before June 15th is discounted at $570.00. Multiple AP class registrations receives an additional discount at $540.00.

Complete your registration below after you pay for the enrollment fee. Payment can be made to zelle payment@njsci.org or Venmo Fei-Liu-NJ.

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Dr. Liu is very passionate teacher who makes Physics fun and easy to learn. His teaching uses a holistic approach that goes beyond just solving problems; he always emphasizes the importance of understanding the basic concepts and explains the connection between them. With his deep knowledge in Physics, Dr. Liu just knows how to get to a student's problems and fix them! Dr. Liu is not just sharp with the subject matter, he is also very patient and nice! Physics used to be a challenging subject for my daughter, but she now finds Physics interesting! Her grades improve dramatically since taking lessons with Dr. Liu and she gains a lot of confidence with the subjective matter!