AP Physics 1 (Mechanics) Enrollment.

  • This is a first year or second year (after honor physics) Physics introduction class. Algebra 2 and Geometry are required to appreciate the complex relationships among the Physics concepts. In particular there is a heavy emphasis on the application of trigonometry functions.
  • Topics include Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Energy, Work, Power, Momentum, Impulse, Rotation, Torque, Angular Momentum, Gravity, Simple Harmonic Motion, and Fluids. There will be very light use of derivatives to help clarify concepts accurately. Each topic is carefully discussed with examples during the lectures to help students gain clear understanding. Primary focus is on understanding Physics concepts and helping students learn how to set up Physics equations to solve problems. Each class consists of lecturing through the concepts in depth and working through examples with progressive difficulties for students to improve their understanding and problem solving skills.
  • The entire course has 35 1.5 hour classes. Dr. Liu's lecture class is different from courses offered by many other schools and afterschool centers that cover AP Physics 1 in 10 or less classes. Dr. Liu will take time to explain each concept thoroughly and give students time to practice on these concepts.
  • Class Goal: Students should (a) understand the fundamental principles of Mechanics; b) apply mathematical techniques to solve Physics problems. Students will excel at Physics 1 class at school and be able to take the College Board AP Physics 1 exam. Note that a score of 4 or 5 on the College Board AP Exam will be counted as course credit in many colleges and thus can save college tuition in the long run. Therefore it’s worthwhile to do well on these AP classes in high school and secure good grades in the College Board AP Exams. Our courses are designed to help students either improve their grades while they are learning AP Physics 1 at school or independently learn AP Physics 1 for the purpose of taking the College Board exam.
  • Students will be given a comprehensive formula sheet. An organized lecture notes on most important topics in each subject exam. A large set of multiple choice and free response questions to work on.
  • Homework is submitted through online platform. Instructions to set up homework access will be sent through emails. Homework is an expectation of the course. It is essential to submit homework on time. Make sure the students request extension if submission is not made in time.
  • The class will be scheduled once a class reaches a minimum enrollment size of 3 and no more than 6. Your tuition will be fully refunded if for any reason the class cannot begin.
  • Early Registration starts at March 15th. Tuition for early registration is discounted at 5%.

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