US Physics Olympiad FMA Exam 2025 Logistics (bookmark this page and check back for update)

Note all students need to take the exam on Feb. 8th per instruction from AAPT. REGISTRATION FOR FMA 2025 is CLOSED.

  • Location: Bridgewater Library room C, 1 Vogt Dr, Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807 Room C is on your right hand side immediately after you enter the library main entrance.
  • Time: Feb. 8th, 2025 6:00pm-7:30pm EST, please get to the exam location around 5:45-5:50pm to allow for some time to settle down.
  • Bring: pencils, ruler, protractor, calculator. If the student has not met the protor (Fei Liu) before the exam, make sure the student brings an identifiable photo ID.
  • The exam will start at 6pm sharp, please be on time.

US Physics Olympiad FMA Exam 2025 Logistics

  • There is only one exam for FMA 2025
  • Once your registration is successful, there is no need for further confirmation. Just follow the detailed instructions on this page.

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