Follow the steps below to take an evaluation exam:

  • You can request a comprehensive math and physics aptitude test to accurately determine if you can take the US Physics Olympiad FMA class. The math part of the exam has 17 (pre-calc level) math questions and 2 bonus calculus questions for a total 66 points. The physics part of the exam has 10 (AP level) physics questions and 2 bonus FMA level questions for a total of 54 points. The total number of points is 120. All questions are free response questions. The evaluation test is relatively difficult, the recommended cutoff is 60 points.
  • Make a payment: zelle or paypal $20.00 to to take the evaluation exam.
  • Fill out the form below to request the exam paper after payment has been made. We will schedule the exam time over email.
  • Email to schedule an exam. Allocate 2 hours for the exam. The exam itself takes 120 minutes, you have an extra 15 minutes to print the exam, scan and email your solution back to
  • Instructions to download the exam will be emailed to you at the time of the exam.

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Dr. Liu is very passionate teacher who makes Physics fun and easy to learn. His teaching uses a holistic approach that goes beyond just solving problems; he always emphasizes the importance of understanding the basic concepts and explains the connection between them. With his deep knowledge in Physics, Dr. Liu just knows how to get to a student's problems and fix them! Dr. Liu is not just sharp with the subject matter, he is also very patient and nice! Physics used to be a challenging subject for my daughter, but she now finds Physics interesting! Her grades improve dramatically since taking lessons with Dr. Liu and she gains a lot of confidence with the subjective matter!