Sir Issac Newton Competition (Hosted by University of Waterloo, similar to US High School Physics Bowl) 2023 Logistics

Note all students need to take the exam on May 4th. Registration is not open for 2024.

  • Location: online at
  • Time: May 4th (Thursday), 2023 8:00pm-10:00pm EST.
    • You will receive an email at your registered email address with password and web link to access the exam on May 4th. Make sure you review this page for fun and for giggle.
    • When students login, the first page they will be taken to will ask for the student's first name and last name. This information is necessary for handing back test results, and must be completed before the student can take the test.
    • Click 'Begin Test' button to access exam. Student should be able click this button starting at 8:00pm
    • The exam has a grace period of 15 minutes for student to have full exam period, otherwise the time will be measured from the end of the 15 minute grace period.
    • Access Preview Test: after receiving login credentials.
    • After the Test Once a student submits their test they will be taken to a final page thanking them for their participation. Students who have reached this point may close their window and leave at your discretion. A student who runs out of time will be locked out from answering any more questions or changing answers, although they will not be taken to the final page until they click their submit button. Marks will not become available until at least 3 days after the test date. You will be notified when marks become available.
    • Please scan and email your solution in a single PDF file to before 11:00pm EST on the same exam day to be considered for a prize. Use the cover page provided.
    • Complete grading process for your reference. Correct Answer = +4, Unaswered = 0, Incorrect Answer = -1. Note that a wrong answer will take away a point to discourage guessing.
  • Prepare pencils, ruler, protractor, calculator.
  • Registration fee: $10.00 to (zelle or paypal) or Venmo @Fei-Liu-NJ and use the follow below to register for Sir Issac Newton exam.

Complete your registration below after you pay for the registration fee:

Student e-mail address:

Your Name:

Your Phone Number:

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Dr. Liu is very passionate teacher who makes Physics fun and easy to learn. His teaching uses a holistic approach that goes beyond just solving problems; he always emphasizes the importance of understanding the basic concepts and explains the connection between them. With his deep knowledge in Physics, Dr. Liu just knows how to get to a student's problems and fix them! Dr. Liu is not just sharp with the subject matter, he is also very patient and nice! Physics used to be a challenging subject for my daughter, but she now finds Physics interesting! Her grades improve dramatically since taking lessons with Dr. Liu and she gains a lot of confidence with the subjective matter!